‘Little one mamas’ from inside the Urban Ghana: a keen exploratory qualitative study on the standards affecting serial fathering among guys within the Accra, Ghana

‘Little one mamas’ from inside the Urban Ghana: a keen exploratory qualitative study on the standards affecting serial fathering among guys within the Accra, Ghana

Associated Study

The new datasets generated and you will/or analysed in most recent study appear regarding writer (Jemima Akweley Agyeman- ) on practical demand as this is section of a keen MPhil work.

Physiological fathering, particularly in patrilineal communities, try generally acceptable simply in the context of wedding to the mother of your youngster. Lots of men was indeed polygynous, usually staying in you to definitely home with the spouses and you may youngsters. But not, it trend has been to the decline in modern times, due mainly to Christianity, hence prompts monogamy if you’re frowning with the polygyny. Brand new Ghanaian family relations has over the past lifetime been in the process of alter because of migration, urbanization, and you may industrialization. With a rise in low-marital births and the dissolution out-of marital unions, multi-lover virility can raise. Latest Ghanaian viewpoints into circumstances conducive guys to interact for the paternal multiple-partner virility, otherwise known within investigation while the serial fathering, are scanty, and therefore this research examines the standards that lead to serial fathering among Ghanaian men.


The analysis functioning the latest qualitative approach, playing with when you look at the-depth interview that have twenty (20) serial fathers and you will a focus group talk with eight (7) women.

Overall performance

It actually was unearthed that products like the attitude of females for the relationship, new duolocal article-relationship residential trend, together with many years to start with birth are among the explanations as to the reasons some men father students having several people.


The study concludes that each other situational and private points account fully for new technology away from serial fathering amongst guys from inside the Prampram, Ghana, that affairs lead to distinctions in the serial fathering while the occurring both within or away from relationships.

Ordinary Code Bottom line

Inside Ghana, guys are increasingly having youngsters that have several feminine, exactly who it relate to as his or her «little one mamas.» Modern Ghanaian views into the products one encourage males to engage within decisions are limited. Consequently, this study explores the standards you to predispose Ghanaian men so you’re able to dad people from the numerous feminine. In-depth interviews having twenty (20) serial fathers and you can an attention classification conversation with seven (7) female from Prampram, an area out of Accra, Ghana, were used inside qualitative analysis. The results of studies show that men had children that have more women as a result of the bad attitudes of females, and therefore pressed these to seem to alter partners. The lack of an informal connection with for the-rules, duolocal residence patterns, the non-observance out-of matrimony rites, the young age the initial beginning, and you can a repeating significance of company and sexual pleasure were all products you to lead to the latest routine. If this type of issues are handled, it’s expected that prevalence of «little one mamas» inside the Ghanaian society commonly ily therapists and advisors must look into of male clients’ spouses when counseling them on which have of many «child mamas.»


One just https://gorgeousbrides.net/tr/sicak-ve-seksi-kolombiyali-kizlar/ who dads people with more than one to lady repeatedly is normally named an excellent «serial dad.» This seem to contributes to having several sexual couples, that’s problematic for almost all mothers who become which have pupils which have like guys because they feel known to because the «little one mamas.» The expression «little one mummy» are applied to parents who aren’t married to the newborns father. Africa isn’t exempt using this; it has evolved into an excellent universal standard throughout the years. Reading serial fathering, and this is linked to which have numerous couples, demands obtaining relationship data for everyone births, which is not normally received whenever carrying out virility training [1, 2]. This is why, the analysis off serial fathering is a somewhat the fresh world of investigation when you look at the Africa while there is minimal analysis .

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