The couple have been privileged which have half dozen pleasant youngsters: Matilda, Trust, Billy, Bahiyyih, Elise and you will Gregory

The couple have been privileged which have half dozen pleasant youngsters: Matilda, Trust, Billy, Bahiyyih, Elise and you will Gregory

In her early adulthood she was married to Ahmad Yalda’i, also a native of Nayriz, and the couple made their home in Shiraz. Mrs. Yalda’i, in addition to raising her children, was active in Baha’i affairs; in all kinds of weather she would travel to outlying Villages to bring to the Baha’is of those areas news of the progress of the Faith throughout the world. Because the Baha’is visited her in large numbers, intransigent and hostile neighbours reviled her in the streets, heaped abuse upon her, and from time to time would ask the police to break up meetings in her home on the pretext that the Baha’is were disturbing the peace. On at least one occasion when the police asked her to desist from holding Baha’i gatherings in her home, she refused on the grounds that it was her religious obligation to be hospitable, and to open her doors to friends and strangers alike.

She was significantly loved and you can respected because of the Baha’is together with an effective capacity for exhibiting affection and matter for everybody she fulfilled

Mrs. Yalda’i, whose twenty-eight-year-old young buck, Bahram, was hanged into sixteen Summer 1983 to possess refusing to help you repudiate the fresh Baha’i Faith and just who, it actually was stated, ran dance so you’re able to his dying, is one of several Baha’i women inmates who were punished, and you will she is at minimum twice provided big beatings out-of once the many because 2001ashes. People that noticed their own just after those individuals beatings testified one strips out-of their own blood-soaked dresses was indeed embedded throughout the weals you to secured their particular looks. Their own injuries, an enthusiastic eyewitness recounted, were still

William Mmutle Masehla was born in Sophiatown, good township of J ohannesburg, Southern Africa, for the 21 F ebruary 1921. He was a person in St. Peter’s Anglican Chapel out of youth. On account of lack of financing he obtained just an initial and you may additional degree and you will are incapable of attend senior school. He come working as an effective welder from the early age out-of fifteen. During the time of his passing he was working for years since head of your own photocopy and you may processing department out of a brokerage firm, and you can are highly cherished of the their workplace.

Into the 1952 William satisfied Daphne Senne exactly who the guy partnered into ily of Kgale throughout the Community regarding Phokeng, close Rustenburg.

William is actually introduced to the Baha’i Believe in the slip of 1954 from the his sis-in-rules, the new later Mrs. Dorothy Senne.1 Then met early pioneers and you may attended multiple talks for the this new Disclosure. Passionate with what he read, William acknowledged new Trust and, in order to an excellent extent, try deepened in the knowledge of they from the William and you will Marguerite Sears. For the 1955, Daphne plus embraced the fresh new Trust.

From the moment he turned an effective Baha’i, William indicated his love for Baha’u’llah due to courageous and you can indefatigable services

Thanks to his tireless work while it began with 1955, the source try established in the latest hills out of Lesotho, this new Cape escarpment and you may Karoo part, the latest wilderness out-of Kalahari and Namibia, this new rural regions of the latest Transvaal, the fresh plateau of Lime Totally free County, the newest protectorates of Botswana and Swaziland, or any other black colored claims from inside the south Africa. He was a member of the initial Local Spiritual Assembly from Alexandra for the 1956, moved to Dube (Soweto) when you look at the 1957 and you will

During the 1956, the first Federal Religious Set up of the Baha’is of Southern area and you will Western Africa are molded. William try one of many nine selected and apart from one 12 months supported with it in numerous capacities, including tape secretary and you can involved secretary, until 1968 when he was appointed on Reliable Board.

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